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“SSL Handshake failed for TCP” in LTM log on F5

Any F5 BIG-IP connected to the internet will be generating this log message a ton in /var/log/ltm:

01260013:4: SSL Handshake failed for TCP x.x.x.x:x -> y.y.y.y:443

This is simply an informational message indicating the peer closed the connection before completing the handshake. As this provides little to no information, you can often safely filter this from the LTM log by creating a log filter.

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How to run your own incredibly cheap, modded Minecraft server

There’s a gazillion game server providers out there that’ll help you host your own Minecraft server where you will have a pretty control panel (typically Multicraft or McMyAdmin) that you’ll barely use. This all comes at a steep premium with prices varying wildly. In this day of extremely cheap VPS hosted in the cloud, you might want to try running your own.

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SSL Handshake Failure on IIS behind Reverse Proxy

If you’re trying to put an application served on IIS (Sharepoint, ADFS Proxy) behind a Reverse Proxy you’ll often encounter issues with SSL Bridging. While the clientside connection works fine, the serverside connection gets a TCP RST from the back-end after SSL ClientHello.

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Installing Chrome extensions without going through the Chrome Web Store

Recent version of Google Chrome do not allow you to install an extension by loading an extension file directly anymore. Instead, you’ll have to use the Chrome Web Store. If you find yourself in an environment where you’re not able to connect to the Web Store you won’t be able to install any extensions. Luckily there is a workaround as long as long as you have the correct privileges.

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